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Thursday, 10-Apr-2008 11:24 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Edinburgh & York

@living room
look at her crawling around
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We went to Edinburgh and York during the short easter break. It was a last minute decision, so no complaint on the prices that we have to pay for the accomodationlah. Lucky we get to rent the car for half the price. And the best thing is, because of the mix-up from the internet agent and the apartment/studio owner in Edinburgh, our 3 studios were upgraded to a corporate 3-bedroom apartment. Hannah pon suke, siap crawling merata2 tpt kat situ. Dah la just a stone throw away from the Princes Street (ala2 mcm Oxford St la kat sini), and within walking distance of other famous attraction i.e. Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Castle (ke?), Royal Mile etc. Oh by the way, we went there with 4 other friends, naik satu mini mpv, mmg agak sardine la jugak, plus the luggages lagik...pheww.

Edinburgh is a nice place. I like it. It's like a fusion on old and new. I didn't really got the time to see edinburgh the last time i was there, tapik this time, with 3 nights in E'burgh, agak boleh layan la jugak. Itu pon still takde mase nak explore semua. I would definitely suggest anyone that like to enjoy a little bit of both touristing and shopping and mixing around to go to Edinburgh, macam-macam adaa...heheh. As for us, sempatla jln2 kat E'burgh Castle tuh, and did lil bit of shopping. I bought a kilt for Hannah, sungguh kewlll gitu, tak sabar nak kasik die pakai. And i like Scottish people very friendly, and they are proud to be a scottish i guess. Macho je di kala2 sejuk gedi winter tuh pakai kilt...muahaha. Ala2 William Walllace dlm brave heart gitu. Dahla kalau jalan2 kat situ cam asyik bunyi2 bag pipe jek, so cam terasa la kat scotland...hehehe.

One of the day kat Edinburgh tuh, we decided to go to Ben Nevis, sbb apekah ertinye pegik negara highland kalo tak jumpe snow kan...heheh. It was a long journey, lucky the view is amazing. We arrived at Nevis Range, took a gondola to the ski place and sempatla posing2 hindustan sket kat snow tuh.Too bad the weather is not on our side, kalo tak, ade gak yang layan snowboarding nih...sungguh kewll okeh tgk org2 yg balik bawak equipments2 dorg itu....heheh

The last day, on the way back to London, we stop over at York. Silly me, i booked a room for the next month...aiyark. So we have to find an alternative. Lucky we found an english style b&b and stay there instead. York is also great i think, if we got the proper time to visit the city . We just went to the Clifford tower and did a little bit of walking around at the city centre . And then, tanpe membuang masa, we went to York Outlet. Overall ok jela this outlet....dptla rembat sket2....demm, the guess store is no longer there, i was looking forward to buy some new jeans (i bought a pair for 5pounds last time...kewl okeh)....instead aku dpt a pair of gap chinos for 2.99, oklah tuh kan...heheh....andd, bile kedai nak tutup baru aku sedar ade satu kedai designer handbag nih......they were having a massive sale on luella bag, up to 70%......dem tak jumpe awal2.....some of the bags are going for less than 150, ok lah kan for a designer handbag.....tgh sibuk2 tgk tuh kedai nak tutup plak...potong lahhhh

Sunday, 23-Mar-2008 13:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
It's snowing in London

Depan rumah
muke bangun tido
with some of the residents yg jakun2 jugak
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We woke up to a snowy morning today, albeit it's only for a short while. Sempatlah posing2 kejap dlm snow tuh.....jakun tgk snow la katekan ....heheh....but i s0o0o lovee watching the snow falls....mcm tenang je....dgn white lagik....but it's damn freezing outside....so this past few days, we have been spending a lot of time curling under the duvet.....memang duduk rumah sampai lebam....heheh

Monday, 17-Mar-2008 13:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy 1st Birthday Hannah!

birthday girl baru bgn tido
on the way to maroush...suke die naik escalator
decision, decision...nak makan ape nih?
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Yeayyy! Hannah is one today. We celebrate the day by having dinner at Maroush Restaurant. Very famouslah this lebanese restaurant, habis satu edgware road near marble arch tuh die conquer. I have mixed grill and beejay have some sort of steak....i am no food critic, tp aku rase ok jela food die.....drinks are very nice though.....i have melon juice and beejay have mango juice....memang pure juice lah, sedapppp......tak sabar nak pegi marrakech, eventho ituh in morocco kan, tapi aku presume the food is almost the same lah...heheh....

Okay, back to Hannah darling, in spirit of her birthday, we bought her some toys lagik....and also a birthday cake.....kesian dia, only celebrate the birthday with the parents....konon mule2 ingat nak buat party, tapi tak sempatla.....hopefully next birthday, when she'll understand the concept of birthday, boleh lah buat partayyy....agenda utama, nak dapat hadiah byk2....muahaha

On Hannahs' development......she is an expert crawler now.....i think she can under stand some of the question that i asked her, like if i say, do u wanna eat? ....she'll say nanakkk...tp sume soklan die jawab nanakkk...so mcm tatau die paham ke tak sbenanye ...but if i give her the food and she's saying nanakkk sambil geleng2 tuh....mmg paham la die taknak ...heheh......nappy changing has been a battleground.....now that she's showing her personality more, mmg susah nak change nappy die, it takes two to change her nappy, normally the abah will acah2 die, and i'll have to do the dirty deeds ....heheh...on eating, well, she has started eating more of our food.....tp still kasi lagik her food lah....takut karang kidney die cannot process adults' food kan....like yesterday, i fed her potato and ayam from curry.....gasppp....but she seems okay....so ok la kot...heheh....i'm thinking to wean her....but maybe it's still early kot....but i'm trying to get her to drink cow's milk.....mcm2 trick la pakai.....masuk milo sket ke, taruh dlm cereal ke...hopefully soon she's ready for weaning.....as for now, it looks like a long winding road sejjahh....takpe.....berusahalah gabann...

okeh, lastly enjoy hannahs' birthday pics!

Monday, 3-Mar-2008 14:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Updates on Hannahs' Development

Gawddd....i'm a bad mother....konon kate nak update atleast monthly....anyways, because aku update lambat, this deserve an entry on its own. Hannah is now 11month-3wk.....yikesss, lagik 1 week plus and she's gonna be 1 years old.....my baby is no longer a baby soon, she's gonna be a toddler.....my,my.....rase cam skejap jekkk...

Hannah can now crawl all over the flat.....given that our flat is so small, so she has less space to go lah.....but she does crawl to every nook and cranny in the house nonetheless.....we have to shut the door to the kitchen and toilet area now.....yela, manetau kalau2 tak nampak and die pegi masuk those 2 danger area kan .....
She is also showing more of her personality .....or preferences.....like if she wants to be hold, and we put her down she's gonna wail bloody murder......the same goes when she doesn't want to be in her stroller....sigh....it's not that we don't want to carry her, but in this winter weather, it's much warmer to be seated in the stroller....but, sakit pinggang jugakla kalo nak kene dukung sejam camtuh...heheh
She has got her first fever here.....risau jugakk....sebab her temp was up to 39.7.....being a naive mom, i just sponge her down.....turun la sket....tp still temperemental la until the next day....so off to the GP we went......and the dr says that i should have given her the medicine kalo fever....huhuhu...manela nak tau....sbb kalo flu and cough, normally they just let the flu or cough run off on its own, nak built antibody la kan....i'm actually ok with that, sbb aku tak suke dependable on medicine sgt....
Other than that, she has been a charming lil girl.....sgt2 chomel...obviously sbb aku mak die aku ckpla die comel....heheh.....adela terjatuh2 sket,terhantuk sane sini, but that's normal lah kan....learning curve...heheh....so this is our baby gooner.....ade plaque utk bilik sindri tuh...heheh

Friday, 29-Feb-2008 01:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Visiting Greenwich

in front of maritime museum
berkelah kat atas bukit
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It was supposed to snow on that day, but i guess it's one of those days that we got the unpredictable brits' weather....so kitorang pon pegi greenwich la.....basically to see the GMT (Greenwich Meridien Time) line.....cikgu poyah sure bangga aku dah sampai greenwich nih....hehehe......okaylah jugak......nice view and it's great to be out with the family

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